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Premium is placed on experience by any organization during the hiring process. In order to land a well paying job, many candidates resort to forging their work experience. Many applicants do this because they are in a hurry to get good profile and a fat pay. They want to do better than their peers. Besides, most companies require many years of experience they may not have. In order to secure a job at all costs, the employment history is faked. Hence, verification of the employment history of the candidates from a trusted partner like Axis verify is a must.

Employee screening by Axis verify addresses all loopholes that may arise during the hiring process. The role of employment screening is to ascertain the authenticity of every detail submitted by the applicants in order to select the best and suitable candidate for the job advertised.

Employment screening is tailored towards achieving the following objectives:

-Verifying background details of your employees and prospective employees - Standard and quality verification within a limited time - Identifying talents and selecting the best candidate for a job position - Detail report of analysis and findings by verifying the following components for assuring that the right candidate is hired for right reasons

Employment tenure Designation Remuneration Conduct Reason for leaving Eligibility for rehire

Axis verify offers the following competitive advantages for securing authentic and quick reverts:

• Axis verify has developed its own in house HR Database thereby minimising the time taken for initiating the employment checks

• Fully conversant with ex-employment procedures of various companies across India thereby saving the valuable time and resources of HR Department

Do you know that many fraudulent profiles go unnoticed when existing employees are unverified or when companies don't check the backgrounds at regular intervals

Axis verify offers special packages for periodical checks and checks for existing employees. For customised offers, write to us at


Proper education verification has become paramount in these days of advanced digital technologies. Many employees who are desperate to land their dream job have gone ahead to forge graduation certificates. Several recent surveys from hiring managers and recruiters indicate that resume falsehoods are on the rise, and that they are just as likely to come from high-profile chief executives as recent college graduates.

Axis Verify has a competent team which plays a crucial role in ascertaining the authenticity of the educational transcripts provided by the prospective candidates thereby fishing out fake degree certificates and ensuring that only genuinely qualified people are employed during the hiring process. Proquest offers the quickest TAT across the Industry for the following reasons.

Close Network With Members Of :
• Universities
• Colleges
• Education departments of governments
• Effective use of existing database which includes details of fake universities and college names thereby saving money and time for the client
• Access to first hand and authentic information

Address Verification

The importance of knowing and verifying the address of your prospective employees cannot be overemphasized. Knowing the precise address and whereabouts of your employees builds trust and confidence.

Address Checks are crucial due to the high rate of criminality that is being recorded in the workplaces. Address verification helps to track employees in case of misconduct or fraud. It helps the police investigation to take off smoothly. It also builds trust and confidence between employers and the employees.

Axis Verify offers the following address Checks

Temporary Address

It is the present place the applicant is staying. It can also be referred to as a temporary correspondence address. It may be a hostel, relative or friend’s address or a rented apartment. Temporary addresses are handled carefully to determine the authenticity. There are many factors used by our trained personnel to determine the authenticity of all the addresses submitted by job applicants and prospective employees.

Temporary addresses are confirmed through a physical check visit by the field executive to establish the veracity of the address details provided by the candidate in his/her resume to the prospective employer.

The following below information is collected at the time of address checks:

• Is the candidate staying at the address as mentioned by him/her
• Duration of stay
• Type of accommodation
• Details of individual who confirmed the information and
• Standing in the locality

Permanent Address

This usually refers to the address used for contact and communication. It is the address that appears in government documents like driving licence, voter ID card, national ID card and passport. The candidates that are away from home often make use of their parent’s residential address as their permanent address. This address is more reliable than temporary address that is subjected to a sudden change.

We elicit the below information during the physical check visit:
• Is the address provided by the candidate is matching at the time of physical check visit
• Relationship of the owner with the prospective candidate is established
• Type of accommodation
• Details of individual who confirmed the information and
• Standing in the locality

Indian & Global Criminal Database Checks

It is very important that companies, organization and employees do not fall prey to the misdeeds of people with questionable character. An authentic criminal record verification from an industry leader with expertise, reach and knowledge of processes is absolutely essential for meeting criminal information requirement .

Axis Verifyprovides global database checks on criminal records of our clients' employees. We have a well developed technology to run checks on clients globally. We look beyond the local database to establish facts on the records of criminal activity on the profile under verification.

Axis Verifyis noted for best practices and industry standards. Axis Verify has access to the best database checks online across the world.

The following databases are covered under our global database checks:

• Global law enforcement dataset
• Criminal database check-India database
• Compliance database
• Banned companies dataset
• Diploma mills/ unaccredited universities dataset
• OFAC + database
• Alleged terrorist dataset
• Suspect employers dataset
• 911 Sub poena
• Global Regulatory Dataset
• Global Financial Regulatory Dataset
• Global Terrorist (Govt Agencies) Dataset

Drug Abuse Screening

Drug and health screening is becoming increasingly important due to the high rate of drug abuse across organisations.

Every organization needs a respected screening partner. Axis Verifyiscan assist you to implement and manage an effective health screening programme for your employees.

Drug test and screening is important for employees to make effective and smart hiring decisions as well as retention. It helps organization to operate in a drug-free environment which is necessary for optimum performance in this 21st century. Unlike other verifications, drug verification has to be undertaken by the companies periodically on all employees to avoid disrepute and hassles at workplace .

Axis Verify ishas the right and exact solutions to fit your business, company or organization needs. Our drug and health screening is highly comprehensive and all encompassing.

Drug and health screening can be very complex. We have a team of well trained experts and personnel to your help organization maintain full compliance with health and drug related policies.

Quality and reliable health screening reports are presented to guide your recruitment or retention decisions.

Axis Verifyisoffers the below drug screening components to companies across India:
• 5 Panel Drug Screening
• 9 Panel Drug Screening
• 10 Panel Drug Screening

Reference Verification

One of the important parts of a resume is reference. Verification of the references given by the employees is important to determine the suitability of the candidate for the job offer.

References are necessary and are good sources of information regarding candidate's employment record, capabilities and work ethics.

Besides, professional references check can be useful in discovering the strengths, weaknesses and qualities of the applicant. Reference verification can grant valuable insights into the competence of the applicant, integrity, reliability and trustworthiness. Applicant’s skills, hidden talents, attitude, performance, character, behaviour can be established through reference checks.

Axis Verify recommends two reference checks to be carried out in order to determine the candidate’s suitability to the job being offered.

Supervisor Check

The Supervisor reference is one of the references a job applicant can give in his resume. It is using the past boss or immediate manager as reference in job application. Often, the boss or manager will have true knowledge of an applicant. He/she can speak about the strength and weaknesses of the applicants.

Axis Verify elicits the below information from the Supervisor concerned thereby facilitating the HR Dept to gauge the true candidature of the prospective employee:

• Candidate’s employment tenure
• Job responsibility
• Professional strengths and weaknesses
• People management skills
• Issues if any related to integrity , honesty and punctuality etc.

Peer Checks

Besides Supervisor Checks, Peer reference has its own advantages in understanding the Prospective candidate’s Job suitability to the job being offered. Peer check is conducted because the co-worker is closer to the applicant than the boss or supervisor. Hence, he may be able to speak about the strengths of the applicant and his reactions to different working conditions. The following information can be extracted from the peer check to facilitate the recruitment:

• How long the employee was associated with the organisation
• Education and employment credentials
• Candidate’s interpersonal skills
• Issues during his tenure with the organisation
• Reason for exit

Passport Check

Passport is one of the legal documents that is internationally recognized. Passport gives you access to the international community. It identifies you, your nationality and background. Falsification of passports has made passport verification a necessity.

Axis Verify offers passport verification services to its clients at affordable prices. Passport check helps clients across the world to establish the identity of the prospective employee thereby minimizing the frauds.

Pan Card Check

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card, by the Income Tax Department of India.

As it a genuine card issued by Government of India , pan card check is considered important in establishing the following:

a) Identity of the Candidate b) Date of Birth c) Father/Mother’s identity

Axis Verify offers Pan card checks across India to its clients for establishing the identity of the individuals.

Social Media Scan

It is becoming increasingly common for organizations and businesses to consider an individual’s online reputation as part of their pre-employment screening, vetting processes and ongoing personnel security procedures. Although the internet provides a number of benefits when researching background information about an individual, it also increases the security risk to an organization as personal details shared online can potentially be viewed by anyone else who accesses the internet.

Axis Verify employs unique an credible tools to perform social media scan of applicants can unearth negative or adverse information about an applicant. Our Social Media Scan tool also helps to unravel the character of an applicant.

Adverse media check helps companies to access a huge repository of media sources effectively to understand the candidates potential involvement in crime, terrorism, legal disputes and felony.

Around 25,000 media sources are scanned from across the world including archives, articles and news reports. The significance of Social media scan is due to the following reasons:

• To establish identity
• To ensure that individuals are using the internet according to the companies' IT policy
• To help investigate suspicious employees
• To reduce reputational and security risk to the organisation

Court Record Verification

Checks on judicial records are becoming important with increasing number of defaulters and fraud rate in the workplace. Employee screening is not complete without court record checks.

Proquest offers Court Record verification from the information accessed from the below mentioned judicial authorities:

• Civil Proceedings (Original Suit/Miscellaneous Suit/Execution and Arbitration Case).
• Criminal Proceedings: Criminal Petitions/ Criminal Appeal/Sessions Case/ Special Sessions Case/Criminal Miscellaneous Petition and Criminal Revision Appeal

Vendor Due Diligence/KYC

Companies should not be off guard when doing business with vendors or when venturing with prospective partners or offering credit to a business client. Doing business with companies or individuals without proper due diligence is risky and can lead to fraud, loss of capital, bad debts and legal hassles. Proper due diligence is a must before taking on board someone as a strategic stakeholder of the business. Due diligence on businesses and organizations is a careful collation and presentation of accurate information about such partners.

You can be assured of the quality and credibility of your vendor or customer if you entrust the job of carrying out a comprehensive due diligence to Proquest.

The scope of vendor/customer/partner due diligence is very wide and includes the following qualitative and quantitative factors:

• Verification of business, company or organization existence
• Establishing Legal and statutory compliance of a vendor
• Evaluation of the reputation of the business in the marketplace
• Checks for misappropriation of funds, money laundering, siphoning of funds
• Labour and environmental related issues checks
• Qualitative management report
• Credit history/defaults
• Relationship with other vendors/clients

Proquest is well equipped to do vendor due diligence across India and across the world. Our services are thorough and excellent. We adhere to strict practices and standard ethics in the verification industry. Ensure transparent business transactions and contracts by having due diligence performed on your vendor. We are not only the best and most reliable in delivering our duties in this regard, our services are also very affordable. We have a exceptionally quick turn-around time.

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