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Background Screening/Verification and HR risk management company specializing in providing wide range of professional services from pre-employment to post-post employment verifications catering to the fast growing IT, ITES companies and other industries in India.

Individual Platform

It authenticates your credentials and provides you the vital edge to stand out from the rest in this fiercely competitive job market.

Corporate world Platform

It assists you in taking informed decisions by offering a complete suite of employee verification and vendor due diligence services assuring you of quality, reliability and speed.

End to End Testing Platform

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Power your Hiring Processes

Add the strong edge of technology based Employee Screening and candidate Tracking to your company’s hiring processes to increase efficiency, precision and visibility.

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Our Background Checks are expeditious and safe

Associate flawlessly with in-effect federal and state regulations surrounding background checks to scanner metrics and statistics and appropriate engagement.

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Bright Solutions

Higher technology and years of research and skill in the field of Background Screening and ATS integration allows it to offer you smart, workble, scalable and simple to access interfaces and solutions .

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What we Offer

We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice.

Background Checks

Confirm your employee’s education, ex-employment, criminal records, credentials, address, identity, references, etc


Comprehensive fingerprint examination and verification of candidates to detect any criminal past as per police records.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing and profiling of new candidates to confirm their capability for particular jobs.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

It helps you screen potential hires and/or your employees – for possible drug and alcohol abuse.

Our Success Tranformation Story

How to grow world with Us

Everyone defines success differently – as much as there are people, there are different opinions. Number one in our priority list is the success of our students, alumni and their employers. We work hard in the name of the success of our alumni – being among the best and holding the high employment rate.

You can find some thoughts on success from our students and alumni here – every story is unique, but this is what success is. Everybody sees it differently.

We are Providing great Services

Making a wise decision takes more than just guesswork. This very reason makes it very important to conduct background checks. These background checks can be run by an employer to know who they are dealing with so that they can make an educated decision. It helps you to comprehend the background of an individual and evaluate his/her complete past.

Our Client Say

We committed to helping you maintain your Brand Value.

Software Solutions

We are very happy and delighted with the services provided by Axis Verify.


Timely service & punctual reports . It prop for efficiency and professionalism.

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